On Friday and Saturday evening, we would like to meet up with you already a quarter before the evening event starts to toast the day with drinks and move on to the more leisurely part. For inspiration, have a look at our IGSM cocktail menu.

Bloody GRACE

Drink a few of these and you will feel gravity free

2 cl Vodka
6 cl Tomato juice
2 cl Lemon juice
1 dash tabasco
1 dash Worcestersauce
1 dash salt
1 dash pepper

GIS Tonic

Create your own world, know your boundaries

4 cl Gin
3 ice cubes
0.25 L Tonic Water
a slice of lemon

Cuba Libre Office

Give your presentation or paper that extra touch

4 cl Rum
2 cl Lemon juice
15 cl Cola
some Ice cubes
a slice of lemon

FIG on the Beach

Ask your German friends why this is funny

4cl Apricot liqueur
4 cl Vodka
8 cl Pineapple juice
4 cl Cranberry syrup
4 cl orange juice


For a view from a different angle

2 cl vodka
1 cl orange liqueur (e.g. Cointreau)
1 cl lime juice
2 cl cranberry juice
a slice of lemon ice cubes

π∇ ρλ

Let’s get lost together in Greek letters

6 cl white rum
10 cl pineapple juice (or pineapple syrup diluted)
4 cl cream of coconut
2 cl cream
a slice of pineapple ice cubes

Theodolite Sunrise

With this cocktail the sunrise have never been so radiant

4 cl tequila
1 cl lemon juice
11 cl orange juice
1 cl grenadine
a slice of orange

Wodka E

Alcohol may not be a solution either, but it is better than tea. A full boom every weekend. There are a lot of things I like to see, like vodka E. Regardless of whether it is rain, sun, storm or snow, I drink vodka E. It’s better than tea. What good is tea if I don’t see everything twice? Vodka E!

4 cl Vodka
15 cl Energy drink

Lüttje Lage

Nich lang schnacken, Kopp in Nacken!




Minttu, as much as you want!!